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About ClicktoPlant

Clicktoplant is an initiative by Kohima Forest Division where people can plant a tree sapling online while sitting at the comfort of their home. The plantation will be done in Nagaland during the plantation season between April to June. Each of us can bring about a change by taking a small step of planting a tree today.

As a pilot, Ecotourism Management Committee has been formed as a society in Tuophema Village in Kohima in which Chairman is from the village and member secretary is Range Forest officer from Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Nagaland. The amount paid towards planting directly goes to the account of Ecotourism Management Committee, Tuophema which manages Ecotourism activities & plantation with the revenue generated through this initiative.

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Little girl ‘Nino’ was born in Tuophema village. She grew up hearing the folk tales about forests and it’s relationship with Humans from her grandparents. In school, she learnt about climate change and it’s impact on Earth. These stories had a deep impact in her life and her interest to plant trees began from a very young age. Now she maintains a nursery in her village and plants tree saplings along with her friends in the community forests.

Are you a person like our Nino? Do you want to help her quest to save the world from climate change?

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