About Tuophema and ecotourism activities

Tuophema is a picturesque village located not far from the capital city of Kohima. A traditional showcase of a culturally rich Angami Naga village, Tuophema village is adopting new and modern ways of life style despite upholding and protecting the tradition and culture of the Naga tribes which have existed all through the centuries, till date. The village has a sizeable population and enjoys various modern amenities.

It is also known to be a tourist village of Nagaland and has several tourist infrastructures in the village. The village also has rich forest areas which are conserved by the community efficiently. This makes Tuophema a natural choice for Ecotourism. Tuophema is already a cultural/heritage tourism site with good tourist infrastructure.

There is a nature trail where tourists can trek, bird watching along the trail. Camping site is an important aspect of Ecotourism. For which, various sites are available where tourists can use as a camping site at Tuophema. Tents and binoculars are available for rent. Aside from the ecotourism, if visitors want to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Naga people, dance troupes, folk singers can be arranged for a certain fee.

For further details, contact
Mr. Neingutuo Rio,
Chairperson, Ecotourism Management Committee

There are two resorts at Tuophema – Tourist Village resort and Tuophe Phezou Resort which provides accommodation. Both of these resorts have their own restaurant which serves traditional as well as continental dishes. The resorts are set up with cabins and rooms which look like a traditional hut with all the modern amenities of any hotel rooms.