The Deliverables from this website/initiative:

  • Certificate of appreciation will be sent to your mail id immediately and it can be accessed from your dashboard in the website as well
  • Tree sapling will be planted as per your order by Ecotourism Management Committee, Tuophema
  • Once the plantation is done, the image of the planted sapling will be updated in your dashboard. Usually it is done during plantation season from April to June. It will be done in bulk for the convenience of the villagers to plant. So, there will be a delay between your order and actual plantation of the sapling due to the season and plantation being done in bulk. But be assured that it will be planted and photo will reach your dashboard.
  • Plantation will be done as per the locations identified by the Ecotourism Management committee, Touphema.
  • Since the goal is to plant more trees and also to develop livelihood opportunities for village community, the amount is kept minimal. It will be used for raising sapling, planting and maintaining the planted sapling. No name/board will be kept in the customer’s name near the planted sapling (like in memory plantation) as it will incur more money beyond the nominal amount charged under this initiative.
  • Ecotourism Management Committee, Touphema will try to plant only the species as per the order but in case of non-availability due to reasons like casualty, etc; they will ensure some other species be planted. For this reason, the amount charged is kept same for all the species. Also, planting is the key purpose of this initiative. Be assured that number of species as per the order will not be changed at any cost.
  • At most care will be given by the village community for survival of the plants. In case of their non survival, causality replacement will be done. But major disasters which are not under the control of the community like forest fire, etc; are beyond the purview/Scope of this initiative to correct.